Winter Count
February 10-16, 2019 Florence, AZ

Ancestral Skills ~ Community ~ Big Open Sky

Winter Count, started 1995, is one of a family of gatherings like Rabbitstick (started 1988), Earth Knack (started 1990) and Buckeye (started 2010) that strives to reconnect people with old ways of making fire, tanning hides, forming metal, weaving baskets, hunting, gathering and much more. We teach ancestral skills that were essential to the survival and well being of all cultures, no matter what continent your ancestors came from. Through the understanding and mastery of these skills, people find that they can connect not only to a simpler way of living life but also to the roots of their heritage and to a pathway to interact more deeply with the natural world.

Winter Count and SkyEarth are drug, alcohol and firearm free events.