WinterCount Kids Camp (FEBRUARY 18-24, 2024) Registration opens November 1.

Winter Count offers a program for younger participants that provides hands-on opportunities for learning. Participants move from class to class throughout the day, meeting and learning from many different instructors who make time in their schedules to share history, stories, camp etiquette and skills like fire making, knife handling, basketry, pottery, medicine making, and survival skills, to name a few.

Although we call this program "Kids Camp," it is not a day care. The idea is to expose the young participants to real skills and immersion in the camp culture. Kids camp is for kids from 4-9 years old (or so) and children under 8 years old are expected to attend with their adult. 
 Adults who bring younger children to Winter Count can choose to engage in the Kids Camp schedule full time (16-20 hours) or part-time, depending on the skills and activities the family enjoys. Adults who join the Kids Camp activities find plenty of information and opportunities to enjoy a full and rich skills learning. Some instructors invite adults to participate in adult classes with their smaller children. Check with instructors before signing up for adult classes if you have younger family members.

ALL families who participate are expected to attend a Kids Camp orientation after opening circle. Please do not schedule a Monday morning class if you are planning to have your family participate in Kids Camp.

There is usually a Kid's Trade Blanket so be sure to bring your stuff to trade.

The In BeTweens-
This program is for kids ages 9-13 (or so.) This is a part-time program that exposes the age group to primitive skills, projects and games. Check in with the person who is running this program to see if it is a good fit for your young one.

The Teen Program-
The teen program has taken different shapes and forms over the last couple years but almost always includes a night in the desert with little more than what you are wearing. 
Teens, please check in with the person running this program to see if it is a good fit.

Whether your kids are partaking in one of the programs or not, they need to be monitored – check in with your kids. We have had a major issue with feral bands wandering around with "nothing to do." This has led to a very rowdy and treacherous camp. You think the cactus out there is bad....

Note - Due to past concerns about safety and damage, the weapons range will be open only when a staff supervisor is present – Times will be posted.


Winter Count is a drug, alcohol and firearm free event.