Winter Count Camp Guidelines (FEBRUARY 18-24, 2024) Registration opens November 1.

We are very fortunate to have found landowners who are excited about what we do and want to come and participate.
As part of our agreement with them, we ask that you treat their family land with appreciation and respect. Below are some of the rules that, when followed, will allow for a week of growth and learning.


For the week, you are becoming part of a community. We ask that you comport yourself in a way as to add something to the community rather than take away from the community. Think of the impact you will have on others and be considerate and kind. If something appears out of balance to you, please let us know. We have had years and years of gatherings that have exemplified healthy behavior between humans. Our gatherings aren't perfect but we ask that you do what you can to make them the best that they can be.

Personal Responsibility-

Leaving your house is an inherently dangerous thing to do (and to many of us, not leaving your house is more inherently dangerous!)
 Getting on the road and driving to a primitive skills gathering adds to the risks. You are putting yourself in the way of road conditions, other drivers, inclement weather, and eating questionable food at gas stations. 
Then at the gathering, you are exposing yourself to even more dangerous possibilities like knife and tool use, camping in a desert with things that can stick, bite and scrape you as well as old crotchety instructors.
Taking all of this and more into consideration, please come to the gathering ready to take responsibility for your own care and well-being. Know when it is time to hobble yourself or your child and go to bed. Take fewer classes, take a walk in the desert, have a conversation with someone new.
As with any "danger" comes tremendous potential.

Liability Release and Indemnification Form: 

Completion of a Liability and Indemnification form is required for participation at all our events. For The Asking LLC does not carry a huge liability policy to protect you in case of an accident; you need to provide for that yourself. You may want to consider obtaining your own third-party coverage that includes travel, trip cancellation, medical, etc. Supervision for health and safety of minors is a parental responsibility. Please follow camp guidelines and help us create a safe event for everyone.

    We offer simple first aid assistance in camp. Any medical concerns that cannot be addressed in camp must be referred to the local North Pinal Parkway Urgent Care Walk‑In Clinic, 495 N Pinal Pkwy, Suite 106, Florence, AZ 85132. Please make staff aware of conditions like bee allergies or concerns that may escalate into medical emergencies while in camp – you aren’t asked to disclose these on any forms, so please be proactive by helping us to be aware.


ALL fires must be burned in a fire pan unless they are in a pre-existing fire pit. Pre-existing refers to "the pit was there when you arrived." A certain amount of wood will be provided. If you plan on burning a lot, plan to bring some of your own. Please do not gather material from the site for burning.

Collecting materials-

Most of the materials used for classes are brought in from the outside world. Where there is abundance, you may gather materials but please only do this if you know what you are doing. If you are unsure, ask a qualified instructor or the Winter Count staff. All cactus are protected by the state of Arizona. Collecting cactus parts are prohibited.

Your camp and the camp as a whole-

Please keep your camp tidy and in order. Please dispose of trash properly by containing it and taking it home. Trash receptacles at the gathering are for gatheirng staff use only.

In a time where electronic devices are in most everyone's lives, we ask that you are discreet when using your cell phone and other electronics. Amplified music and electronic sound of any kind are prohibited.

We have set on site Check-in times, and once Check-in is closed, you will not be able to enter camp.
On site Check-in Schedule: Saturday- 10am-6pm, Sunday: 9am-6pm, Monday-Friday 7:30am-5:30pm.

Winter Count is a drug, alcohol and firearm free event.