2/18 Have rental from airport / Do you need SUPPLIES?

location-sky-harbor-airport-phoenix ridetype-have-a-ride

  • I’ll be in the airport area in the am.

    I will be gathering some supplies so if you need anything you cannot travel with please let me know! I’ll send you my #

    I will have plenty of space for passengers and well I could give a ride back to sky harbor airport on 2/25.



  • Hi Brenna! I would love to join you and share costs to the airport on 25th! My flight's at 3pm. About what time are you heading that direction? Thanks! Andy Z

  • Hi Andy,
    You are in, I need to have the rental back about then. Works out great. I do have a baby with me; just heads up - but she’s a sweet & easy to look for us at camp: baby has cheetah print overcoat.