From Los Angeles to Wintercount ride offered

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  • I will only go to Wintercount if I can get a person, preferably female, to drive in my excellent vehicle from Los Angeles to Wintercount, and back home. Is anyone interested?

  • Hey knitwit. Is this ride offer still open? Which day are you going? I don't have my ticket yet, just seeing if I could get a ride if I did.
    (I'm not female but I don't bite)

  • Hi Kenny,

    Wow! It is open. True, you are not female. I too don't have my ticket yet as I did not want to buy it if I were not going. Yeah, it's still open, but I would need to talk to you. Have you ever gone before? Where in L.A. are you?

  • I went last year! I loved it. I actually live in Belgium but am pursuing a job in the US (wilderness therapy guide) and would love to go back for WC already - even though it's quite tight in time. But I might fly in to LA if I can catch a ride, it's a decision in process but I'm already looking if it'd be possible. We can definitely talk if we both decide to go :)
    You can send me an email or whatsapp if you want to contact like that. or +32474361394

  • Hi,

    I don't know what whatsapp is, so the phone is best. I don't know what time it is in Belgium at the moment. What is the time difference, 9 hours ahead? Could be too late now?


  • I emailed you just now.

  • Hi... my sister lives in the Los Angeles area and is contemplating WC in February. I live out here in Queen Creek Arizona. Do you have space for a more than one person? I say somebody has already responded back. Thank you