Seat in my plane available ridetype-have-a-ride

  • I'm flying my plane from Boonville, CA to an airstrip near the camp. I have room for one passenger. I can pick someone up anywhere along the way.

  • Hey there, have you found anyone to fill the seat yet? Im coming from Laytonville. Boonvilles right around the corner from me. I was planing on making the drive to the gathering but my car has been giving me grief lately plus flying sounds way more badass.
    *ill gladly pitch in on the fuel costs.
    *traveling light
    *can come to boonville airstrip.
    *707 506 8053


  • @picaflor
    Howdy! Have you found your F.O. yet?
    Text me at 307-699-7336. What kinda plane? Also I have a few questions about logistics... Hugs!
    Jaia Mariposa