Sky Earth Life In Camp (OCT. 8-14, 2020)

Where the gathering will take place:

SkyEarth will take place on a private, 50-acre property located aproxmimately 45 min. south of Dallas, in the vicinity of Venus not far from Waxahachie.

SkyEarth is a drug, alcohol and firearm free event.

How it works:
Once you have purchased your ticket online for the gathering, you will receive information on the location of the site and a myriad of other information. Check-in will take place at the gate when you enter. This is a private event so if you have not already purchased a ticket to be at camp, then you will not be permitted to enter. 

Please follow the printed event schedule, and do not arrive until Saturday.
Our gates will open at 10 am on Saturday. Please do not arrive to camp before this.
All participants must check-in and obtain a wristband. The wristband will be your meal ticket and provide class access, so you will want to make a point of not letting it go missing.
Everyone who registers will be maintained on the SkyEarth and Winter Count mailing list. You can change your preferences for which mailing list, if any, you want to be on once you receive your first email.

Camps and Camping
Our camp is a primitive site and has no RV hook-ups. Plan to camp in tents, tipis or RV’s/vehicles. 
A parking area will be provided for you in an area away from tent camping. There will be tent camping (no vehicles in this area) and a large area for camping in your vehicle whether it be a VW bug, a gypsy wagon, a truck or RV. You will be able to drive your belongings in to your camp, then drive back out to parking.

Bring some type of weatherproof shelter. It is generally good weather but Biblical rains are possible. Temperatures may range from the 50’s F. to the 90’s F.  Common shelters are canvas wall tents and tipis, yurts, backpack tents, and even improvised shelters.

Classes in tailoring, footwear and sewing are regular topics of interest. Bring clothing that will keep you warm, shelter you from the sun, keep you dry in the rain and tell us who you are. This is not a "clothing optional" event nor is it a "period" event.

Water will be provided on site. Make sure to bring containers for hauling water to your camp site.

Light Sources
Bring a flashlight, candle lantern or kerosene lamp for your own use. Avoid bright LED lights that light more than the area intended to be lit. Headlamps that have a "red" setting are greatly appreciated as they will affect your night vision and everyone's experience in a positive way.

You will need to supply all of these. A solar shower may be a good idea for a mid-week rinse. Keep yourself and utensils clean. Diseases spread quickly in an unsanitary camp, so be on guard.

*No ground fires are permitted in camps. Bring a fire pan if you plan to have a fire.
*Please do not gather natural firewood from the site. A central pile of wood will be provided. If you plan to burn more than a small amount of wood, please bring your own.
*Do not leave charcoal or ash in campsites. Move all residue to the central fire pit.

*Please take responsibility for your own trash by taking it to town or otherwise disposing of it yourself.
*The Kitchen garbage cans are for central kitchen and event organization garbage only.


In a time where electronic devices are in most everyone's lives, we ask that you are discreet when using your cell phone and other electronics. Amplified music and electronic noise of any kind are prohibited.

As part of your registration fee, we will supply two meals a day starting with dinner on Sunday and ending on the following Saturday morning.
The food we serve tends heavily towards organic, when we can manage that..... which is most of the time.... and is prepared to be healthy and sustain you through your days at our camp. 

The meals that are served at our other gathering receive rave reviews for being nutritious, varied and tasty. We provide vegetarian and meat options but are unable to accommodate people with specific food allergies. We do try to accommodate non-dairy choices in some cases by not adding a dairy product to the meal itself, but once again, be prepared to take care of your own dietary needs. Some meals will not contain wheat and other gluten containing products but we cannot say any of our meals are gluten free, nut free, or soy free for that matter being that we cook all of our meals in the same kitchen using the same utensils.

Each day's menu will be posted for the following day to help you plan.

You will need basic utensils for eating. There are no tables or chairs for mealtime, so folding furniture is a good idea.

You will be responsible for your own lunches and snacks. Coolers for lunch items are a good idea as well. Buying ice for a cooler will require a 10 min. drive. Food stores are the same distance and further. Dishwashing facilities will be available breakfasts and dinners, so please use them.

Revised dog policy effective March 1st, 2018: Dogs, other than service dogs, are no longer permitted at Winter Count or the Sky Earth gatherings. If you aren't sure whether or not you have a service dog........ you don't. There will be no exception to this rule.

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