Sky Earth Kids Camp (OCT. 8-14, 2020)

Kids Camp
SkyEarth offers a very family-friendly environment. Programs for younger participants that provide hands-on opportunities for learning are available. Learning from many different instructors who make time in their schedules, invite the children in, sharing history, stories, camp etiquette and skills like fire making, knife handling, basketry, pottery, medicine making, and survival skills, to name a few. 

​Although we call this program "Kids Camp," it is not a day care. The idea is to expose the young participants to real skills and immersion in the camp culture. Kids camp is for kids from 4-12 years old and children under 8 years old are expected to attend with their adult. There are a lot of hands-on learning activities and we are invited into the personal camp space of many instructors during the week. If you have several children in your family, you will need more adult supervision for many activities. A 1:2 ratio for younger ones can work. Adults who bring younger children to SkyEarth can choose to engage in the Kids Camp schedule full or part-time, depending on the skills and activities the family enjoys. Adults who join the Kids Camp activities find plenty of information and opportunities to enjoy a full and rich skills learning. Some instructors invite adults to participate in adult classes with their smaller children. Check with instructors before signing up for adult classes if you have younger family members.