Sky Earth Schedule (OCT. 8-14, 2020)

October 19, SATURDAY- 10 am: Our gates open! Please don't arrive before that.

The first meal that will be served to registrants is Sunday dinner. Any meals being served before that are for Instructors.

SUNDAY: 12:00:  Blanket Fair. Instructors will set out blankets to promote their classes or trade goods. This will give you a chance to meet the instructors, understand their classes, and find out where they are camped or teaching their classes. 

1:00-3:00 pm: Symposiums - These basics: fiber, fire, flint and knife, are taught by a myriad of instructors. It gives you a chance to learn some of the essential skills without interfering with your learning schedule during the week. All of these skills will also be taught during the week.

4 - 6:00 pm: Opening Fire/Announcements/Commercials- This is when we go over camp essentials as well as all instructors introduce themselves and what they do.

6:00pm: Dinner, the first meal served for registrants.

After Breakfast Every Morning - Morning announcements

Tuesday Evening: Dark:30, Trade Blanket- This is open to everyone in camp so bring items you want to trade for other items. Got canning jars of Cherries or ?, a basket? an axe to grind?

Wednesday evening: Dark:30ishSlide shows TBA. Let us know if you are interested in presenting a show about a pertinent project or trip. Aunt Hazel and Uncle Ralph's trip to Disneyworld you will not see at these slide shows.

Wednesday: 5:15pm Raffle to support our scholarship fund with donated items from instructors.

Thursday and Friday: 2-6 pm, Barter Fair, Everyone is welcome to put out a blanket

Saturday:  Closing Circle 9am​