Shade Cloud Shelters

A sanctuary amidst the elements

Hello Friends,

Below you'll find some very basic information about Shade Clouds. More info coming soon to this website. In the meantime, if you fill out the contact form below, I will get back in touch with you pretty quickly and I can talk you through the options.

I hope this finds you well and spending lots of time outside!


Shade Clouds were designed in 2015 to be a stout and reliable shelter. While easy to setup and take down, they are also incredibly sturdy, holding up to intense sun, heavy rain, and strong winds. Made of 100% cotton canvas with reinforced attachment points, they are built to last. 

Shade Clouds can be set up with a traditional gabled roof line, or with fewer poles resulting in a more fluid and organic shaped structure. They can be ordered in a variety of colors and fabric weights. Custom orders are also available.

Reasons to buy a Shade Cloud:
Easy to set up and take down

Water resistant
Stands up to heavy winds
Made by hand in the USA
Supports a cottage business
Many setup options

  • Great for many uses:

    • Outdoor classrooms
    • Camping shelter
    • Backyard retreat
    • Weddings, family reunions, and other outdoor events
    • AirBnB and Hipcamp


I purchased a Shade Cloud shelter a little over a year ago. I had seen several of them for a few years prior to my purchase and always liked the idea and versatility of the design. It is a product that holds up well to the elements and makes the outdoors much more accommodating. I am always impressed at the heavy wind load they can handle and they do very well in the rain too! The build quality and value are great! I wish I had one of each size!  - Chase, Utah

I highly recommend the Shade Could brand of outdoor shelters. They are perfect for hosting an event or just to set up in your backyard. Caterers, wedding planners, and outdoorsmen should own one. The canvas is thick and sturdy and the reinforced areas are more than adequate to withstand the harshest of storms. I’ve had mine up in multiple thunderstorms and high winds and it worked perfectly. The design is highly customizable to suit your needs and weather conditions. I sometimes build a fire in mine during cold weather. I regularly have 15 or more people gathered for survival classes or to escape harsh winds, sun or rain. It packs into a nice small size in a custom canvas bag and transports easily. It’s a great product at a fair price! The owners go to great lengths to ensure a great product and overall customer satisfaction.  - Tony Pike, Ancient Wisdom Survival School, Missouri

I love my Shade Cloud. When I’m teaching or camping, it creates a beautiful space that feels like home. It's the perfect shelter in sun and rain, and with my tall poles I can have a fire underneath. I especially like that when I’m camping alone I can put the structure up on my own. Everywhere I go people inquire about the Shade Cloud -- it's an eye-catcher for its design and versatility in every season and situation.  - Danijoelle LaVoire LM, CPM, Arizona

I love my Shade Cloud! Big sturdy shelter from sun and rain with lots of room underneath for activities. Solid construction!  - Scott Ezzell, Host of SkyEarth Primitive Skills Gathering, Texas

My shade cloud is great.  I use it freestanding or in conjunction with my van. Makes a fine outdoor classroom. Makes me happy. - Gary Steele, Getting’ Primitive Outdoor Education, Montana

My Shade Cloud is my sanctuary regardless of the area. Sonoran Desert to the Valles Caldera, this amazing creation has many possibilities when back and front flys are added. Heavy winds can be controlled and the sun, kept at bay from dawn till dusk. Thank you for creating and sharing such an amazing creation. 

Desert Rattler, Arizona