Financial Aid


 We appreciate you wanting to attend Winter Count and trying to find a way to make it possible.

We are trying this new approach for responding to request for financial assistance as it will help to streamline our process of keeping track of how much we are giving and help us to manage our time.

We are aware it is less personal than the way we used to do it but that often led to a lot of time speaking with someone, emails back and forth and then no final response from the person that we had been corresponding with.

This process is the next step in our evolution and like all things, will change but this is it for now.

We receive many many requests each year and overall, we feel we do a good job of trying to help but we can only do so much. If we could, we would have everyone come for the amount that they could afford but we are pretty sure we wouldn’t be running a gathering for very long!

How this process works:

  1. When registration opens Nov. 1, click on Financial Offering and it will take you to a form that you will fill out and submit.

  2. We will receive notification that you sent the form and it will take us up to 7 days to respond. We will do this by email. Included in the email, we will send you a discount code that will give you a certain percentage off of the registration price. 

  3. THIS PART IS IMPORTANT…. the discount code will be associated with the billing email address that you will be using to pay for your registration (That means the email address that is tied to the credit card that you will use to pay). It is for this reason that we ask you to put up to 2 email addresses on the request form.

  4. If you are happy with what we feel we can offer, click on this link and it will take you back to where you started. This time, go to the bottom of the page to register. When you see a field for the discount code, just cut and paste or type it in. The rest will work just like magic.

  5. If the discount amount we have offered will not be enough to get you to camp, email and let us know.