Plans for Covid (FEB. 14-20, 2021)

As we negotiate the currents in the river of life, we want to let you know that we are thinking of your safety and well-being. In response to the present situation regarding the Corona virus, please read below.


Our plan is to accommodate the different belief systems that exist around this issue and to have in place guidelines and policies that can support these different beliefs.
Being outside seems to be key in avoiding spread of the virus, and with the changes we are making, we feel a safe gathering is possible. We know that just getting to the gathering can be challenging and there are always inherent risks with gathering with many people. That being said, we ask that if you decide to register for the gathering, you take responsibility for yourself, as is always expected at Winter Count.

Camp in general:
Masks will not be required in camp in general. At this point, we ask that you have a mask available to use. See more below.

Regarding the kitchen and meals:

  • One or more food lines will be for folks who prefer to socially distance

  • We will have dedicated servers for all meals-- this is a new work trade position. See work trade.

  • Kitchen crew and servers will wear masks

  • We will set up extra hand washing stations

  • We ask that you consider wearing a mask when you go through the food line for the sake of the servers

If the concentration of people together during meal time is too much and doesn't feel right to you, please consider providing your own meals. We do not give discounts if you do not plan to eat the provided meals.

Instructors and classes:
Some instructors have indicated that, depending on the state of the virus at the time of the gathering, they may require students in their classes to wear masks.

All of the above is what we are thinking about at this time. We will adapt and change as we need to depending on the situation at the time of the gathering.

If you have questions, please contact us: